A very special central support: steel spring shock absorber system with differentiated weight-bearing

Available sizes:

Width (cm)

135 | 140 | 150 | 160 | 165 | 170 | 180

Length (cm)

190 | 195 | 200

Garanzia e assistenza

Warranty and assistance

Warranty and assistance

Our products are covered by a conformity and quality guarantee provided by the manufacturer, valid from the date of purchase as recorded on the tax document, which must be kept together with this guarantee certificate. For the first two years after purchase, the costs of repair or replacement of the product are borne entirely by the manufacturer. From the third to the fifth year after purchase, Noi della Notte will make the replacement against reimbursement of 1/4 of the list price in force; from the sixth to the tenth year after purchase, the reimbursement will be 1/3; from the eleventh to the twentieth year after purchase, replacements will be equal to half the price.

Warranty activation conditions

Defects that make the product unsuitable for its intended use must be reported on the date of delivery of the product by registered letter. Obvious flaws and defects that are recognisable at the time of delivery and that do not render the mattress unsuitable for its intended use and/or do not significantly reduce its value must be reported within 10 days from the date of delivery by registered letter.

Exclusion of the guarantee

The guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, treatment, storage or inappropriate use. The warranty does not cover items used outdoors or in damp environments or cleaned with inappropriate methods and detergents. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage. Complimentary products are excluded from the warranty. The guarantee is void if the product has been tampered with by personnel not belonging to the Noi della Notte commercial organisation. HYGIENE To benefit from assistance, the product must be in perfect hygienic conditions, in particular, it must not be soiled with organic liquids, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 626/94 on the protection of workers' health, otherwise the guarantee will expire.

Maintenance and cleaning / Important advice

In terms of the validity of the guarantee, it is subject to good standards of use and maintenance, in particular: FIXED AND MANUAL NETS. Do not move the net by dragging it. It is best to lift it up so that any small unevenness in the floor tiles or anything else can catch the legs and break the supports by pulling. Do not jump on the frame. Do not use without a mattress. Do not get the slats and wooden frame wet.

Electrical networks

The warranty period for electrical and electronic parts is 2 years. The warranty does not cover faults caused by lightning strikes or instantaneous power surges. In order to ensure a long service life of the motors, we recommend that they are not overloaded by excessive or uninterrupted use, by excessive weight or by improperly placed persons. Protect against voltage surges The electronic circuits of the control units may (like any electronic circuit) be damaged by voltage surges in the power line or by transient currents resulting from lightning strikes. There is a two-year warranty for any electrical or electronic component. If not properly specified, the legal warranty period for products is two years. For anything not covered by this warranty certificate, the provisions of Italian law shall apply.

After-sales assistance

A Noi della Notte representative will check for any defects complained of by the customer. Noi della Notte, in the person of its technician, will assess, at its sole discretion, the right to replace or restore the product for which intervention under warranty has been requested. Any intervention to restore the product does not change the effective date and duration of the original guarantee. Repairs under warranty shall be carried out exclusively by the manufacturer; costs incurred by third parties shall not be recognised.


Frame colour

Headboard in fabric or eco-leather

Standard colour: black. Other colours available on request.


Headboard in fabric or eco-leather applicable to our bed bases:

testata letti only


testata letti altea


testata letti inside


testata letti excelsa


testata letti pandora


testata letti ellery


testata letti morgan


testata letti victoria


Testata Bolton


Testata Seven


Testata Silk


Testata Dual


Testata Egos


Testata Koi


Testata Argan


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