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Innovative solutions for a maximum of comfort

We create the best supports for resting

Make the sleep a moment of true pleasure and the hours between day and dreaming as restful as possible. It is for this reason that our technicians and researchers are constantly in search of new solutions, to greet every kind of person by adjusting technology to the nature of our body.

produzione reti da letto ergonomiche

Wellness ergonomics

Adjusting technology to the nature of our body and its needs. This is how we approach the concept of ergonomics and apply it to achieving the highest level of wellbeing.

Our multi-disciplinary approach in the design phase gives us the opportunity to take into account of modern biomechanics principles, engineering, industrial design, but also physiology, psychology and anthropometry : this is how our beds and bed frames respond perfectly to the needs of our customers and ensure real and complete wellbeing.

Sleep system: the future is now

Il futuro del riposo è già qui
Wooden frame Plywood frame 70x25: sturdy, robust, durable. Double frame in manual and motor adjustable version.
Remote control Control available: cable remote control; radiofrequency remote control; Bluetooth remote control; App on your mobile (Android or ios)
Motors 2 x 6000 Newton Double motor (head and feet side) for a power of 6000 Newton each.
Ergonomic design Larger sitting space for welcoming sensation, greater comfort and improved durability of the mattress. Horizontal footrest for a correct and healthy rest of the lower limbs.

At the service of your rest since 1943

Expertise and technology

We manufacture bed bases, bed frames and complete beds since 1943. Such an experience gave us an enormous technical and design knowledge in the sphere of rest, so that it has become synonym of unquestionable quality and reliability. Producing and processing almost all the components in our unique factory in Torrita di Siena allows us an extraordinary customization of the product.

produzione reti da letto Noi della Notte
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Adjusting technology to the nature of our body.

Solutions tailored to your wellbeing.
Eco-friendly materials and production processes.
For over 70 years we take care of your sleep.

A good rest cannot exclude a high quality bed base

Philosophy of rest

A real and complete rest starts from the bed frame you choose for your bed: a technologically advanced structure developed with high quality materials guarantees the right support and favours the right ergonomic position.


Our bed frames, cyclically subjected to severe stress tests (and stress analysis), has shown to have remarkable features hard to achieve elsewhere over time:

-Robustness and stability
-Non-deformability over time
-Longevity, also as element of sustainability
-Health and safety
-Adaptability to body’s anatomy
-Flexibility in the use
-NO creaking
-NO rust
-Wide range of customized choice

In the heart of Tuscany

Where the nature of the landscape and centuries of culture transmit love and respect for nature and territory, we create the best supports for resting, to preserve the health of those who will use.

Sustainable development

First of all, we are every day committed to adopting responsible behaviour, choosing goods and services with a low environmental impact, using eco-compatible material, reducing the waste of paper and plastic.
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